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These wiper blades are designed for the "Classic" Morgans.

Improved Windscreen Wipers by MR P. GILBERT

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Classic chassis cars have 5mm arm width and bayonet connector. The new style blades are of the standard classic stainless type and have replaceable rubbers consequently they stand higher from the screen.
All Morgans are hand built and as such there are always exceptions to the rule.!!!!

6” blades 
Easy fit to early cars fitted with 6” wiper blades no problem ,and very occasionally as the arms vary in length a mix of 7” and 6” may be required .

Some older cars have old style 7”blades if they are fitted with Tall four seater screens , in this case new style 7” blades will usually be fine even with 9 stud hood . 

7” blades
These have been designed for newer cars with easy up hood and 7” blades.
The blades also fit the Aero chassis plus 8 as they also have the 5mm wiper arms.

Note. Beware the later 4/4 with old style 7” blades and 9 stud hood - the new style blades may catch the hood as it overlaps the screen. Therefore the 6” would be recommended in this case.

6 inch Wipers (each)            £10.00

7 inch Wipers (each)            £10.00

​210 mm wipers (each)            £10.00

​​220 mm wipers (each)            £10.00