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"Sometimes a product comes on the market that we never knew we needed. This sidescreen tightening tool seems to answer a problem we didn't know needed solving. It's a simple device that fits on the side screen bolts and makes it easier to tighten and loosen.

Now, supplied as Morgan and standard is a little bit of metal on your keyring that does the job, but it does let your keys hanging with the risks scratching your car, and they are a bit fiddly. Several times with driven off thinking "… I hope we tightened those enough."

You'll also find that it's easy to get your fingers trapped as you're trying to use it, and for those with the huge bunch of keys it can get very awkward!

This tool is designed to make it easy to thoroughly tighten and loosen the screens - and it works! Its angle is just right, your fingers don't get caught between the screen and tool, and it is made of solid metal - so there is no fear of being too rough.

Wolf performance keep coming up with these ingenious solutions, have a look at their website for their full range. Everything has a bare-metal theme and traditional feel. A nice touch is the leather cord it comes supplied with - very Morgan."

​October 2016, Page 93

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MOG Magazine

Side screen removal tool.

The tool is cranked to move your fingers away from your Mog, it also comes with a leather thong to put around your wrist so you can not drop it.

The Claw (aka "Wolf Claw")

Each Claw                         £20.00

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