All profits from these sales are for Talk Morgan and as such, go back to Talk Morgan

Wolf Performance do not make any monies from sales or P&P

Lapel Badge

price excludes postage & packing

​UK = £1.45

EU = £4.00

Talk Morgan

It has a simple pin/stud fixing on the rear held by a rubber holder/clip to prevent movement and is fully secure.

The Lapel Badge is 2.5cm in diameter

​Each £3.00​

Sold Out


Talk Morgan is the online forum for all those who are interested in Morgan cars. 

You do not need to be registered on Talk Morgan to buy one of these collectors items, either the Lapel or Car enamel badge. ​The Enamel badges are manufactured in the UK and are made of top quality enamel.

Wolf Performance are supporting Talk Morgan on behalf of Roadsterboy and TMer's team.​ All profits from the sale of the Talk Morgan enamel badges goes Talk Morgan.

Car Badge