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Bottom Greasing Kit (Blue)       £35.00

Top Greasing Kit    (Red)        £33.00 

Tube (per metre)                 £ 1.90



Remote Greasing for kingpins

Copyright Wolf Performance Limited

New Swivel connector as fitted to customers Morgan

All you need to do is give us the length of tube that you require.

The remote greasing kit allows you to choose how you re-grease your kingpins without the need to crawl on the floor!

The NEW kits come with bulkhead connectors and swivel top and bottom connectors allowing you to position your pipe in your desired direction.

All the tube joints are push-fit so are easy to install when you have limited space. This makes this kit universal so it fits with the damper blade mounts.

Each kit comes with;

  • 2 Bulkhead
  • ​2 swivel kingpin connectors 
  • ​2 coloured caps (red= top; blue = bottom)