Rear Damper Top Mounting Kit

Rear Damper Top Mounting Kit

Each: £28.00

This kit carries a refund for any parts not needed, return postage is at the customers cost.

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Product Description

We understand not all Morgan’s will need the fitting kit or even all of parts, so when returned we will refund for the complete kit or for parts not used. Return postage is at the customers cost.

A rear top mount kit maybe required to ensure the rear damper is fitted in the upright position. This kit helps you to correctly space the upper damper mount between the Suspension hoop and top damper mount allowing for the optimum damper position. (see the additional information tab to understand why you may need this kit)

What comes in the kit:

  • 2 No. 7/16 UNF Long Bolt
  • 2 No. 7/16 UNF nylocs Nut
  • 6 No.  7/16 washers
  • 2 No.  7/16 x 9/16 Spacers
  • 2 No.  7/16 x 5/16 Spacers


Note: This kit carries a no-quibble refund for any parts not needed, return postage is at the customers cost.


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Under 2kg & Under 90cm (H x W x D) Sent with Royal Mail; then countries national mail
Over 2 kg Sent with UPS

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Additional Information


The rear damper needs to be fitted as upright as possible when your Morgan is sitting in the neutral position on the ground. If rear dampers are not fitted correctly this will cause damper misalignment leading to premature damper and bush damage.

This is because the leaf springs and Axle do not just go “up & down” they go “up & back” then “down & forwards to neutral position”. The “up & back” motion increases the damper angle in relation to the top and bottom damper mounts, hence why the rear dampers need to be mounted as near to upright as possible while in the neutral position.

This Leaf springs/axle movement characteristic is due to the mounting points:

The front leaf spring eye mount is held in a fixed position at the front Chassis mount. The rear leaf spring eye mount is held by [one end of] the hanger and the other end of the hanger is fixed to the Chassis allowing the leaf spring to move freely backwards and forwards within the confines of the hanger arc.

The hangers job is to allow the leaf spring to compress upwards and flatten from the Neutral arc causing “up & back” movement from the front fixed eye point. This increases the Leaf spring length from the neutral leaf spring length (arced length) eye to eye. Whereas when the leaf spring is compressed/flatter it means the spring is longer [in length] eye to eye. Thus, moving the axle and lower damper mounting point “up & back” increasing damper angles so compromising rear dampers and bushes.

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