There are two versions of the Aero Plus 8 Dash, prior to ordering please view the veneer guide above and provide this information at the time of ordering.                           

Carbon Fibre

   Main panel                                                     £458.00

   Airbag panel*                                                 £196.00                   

Stainless Steel Engine Turned                          

   Main panel                                                     £475.00

   Airbag panel*                                                 £205.00

Aluminium Engine Turned

   Main panel                                                     £449.00

   Airbag panel*                                                 £189.00

Plus 8 veneer

Wolf Performance

Note* Airbag panel is only supplied for Plus 8's that do not have an airbag fitted

All prices exclude VAT, postage & packing

Plus 8 Dash Veneer in Engine Turned Stainless Steel