Valance Aperture Guide

The Plus 8 is a special case due to the angle of the front wings we only recommend the valance to be measured, made and fitted at our premises just outside of Cambridge, UK.

If you are unable to bring your Morgan to us, it is possible for you to supply Cain with a complete trace of the front of your beloved Morgan and post it to us. We can not guarantee an accurate fit using a trace, but please call and discuss with Cain.

The Plus 8 Valance comes with 2 cold air brake ducts, the radiator/oil cooler aperture of your choice that comes with a Stainless Steel bezel that encapsulates 4mm wire mesh, that helps to protect your radiator or oil cooler from stones and other objects, see aperture guide.

Valances are made to measure from Aluminium Alloy and are supplied bare! ​



Width 350mm x Height 80mm


Width 280mm x Height 94mm

BD Long

Width 265mm x Height 65mm


Width 245mm x Height 65mm


Width 240mm x Height 75mm

Plain                        £290.00​

With Aperture                £340.00


Plus 8 Valance

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