Panhard Rods

​​When you are driving down the road in your Mog, you’re more than likely have to correct the steering wheel (from right to left) in order to travel in that straight line. 

This is because your Axle is in contact to the road via the rear wheels. The axle is a separate part to the chassis, which in turn is ‘Floating’ above the Axle/wheels only connected to the chassis via your leaf springs.

So as you glide down your favourite B-road traveling over bumps and any varying road cambers. Your rear suspension, the leaf springs,are taking up the road changes, keeping the rear wheels planted on the tarmac, with me so far. 

Here’s the cruncher…. Your Chassis lurches laterally across the Axlebecause the rear axle and wheels are planted firmly on the road and there is nothing to prevent the lateral movement of the chassis ‘Floating’across the planted axle and rear wheels. 

Now the chassis has temporally moved laterally across the axle/wheels, as the steering and the chassis are ‘As one part’you will need to adjust your steering wheel to achieve a straight line. Basically this is chassis induced Oversteer without the rear end looking like a Ford Escort Mexico mk1 on a rally stage!

That’s why a Panhard rod or ‘lateral tie bar‘ is just as good for a Road Mog with the added bonus that the cornering is vastly improved and is the mainreason for use on Racing Mog’s to stop the lateral movement in corners as the Race Circuit is relatively smooth compared to a Road!.

what does a Panhard rod do?


Full Kit                       £195.00

The Panhard Rod is a tie bar that stops the lateral movement of the Chassis across the Axle. Ok, that sounds great but what does it actually mean to you or me in the real world of driving on the road? 

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