Lightweight Hubs & Mounts

We are proud to announce that we now have lightweight Front wheel hubs and brake caliper mounts that can withstand the most harsh environments as they have both been tested at the 2021 Race of Remembrance 12 hour Endurance Race at Anglesey, where they proved their strength.

The hubs are 59.9% lighter than the stock hubs and the caliper mounts are 32% lighter, so what does this mean for your Morgan?

It means you have less unsprung weight which is a bonus to your front suspension.

“Sprung” weight is a term used to describe the parts of a car that are supported by the front and rear springs. They suspend the all parts of the vehicle that sits above the wheels. The “unsprung” weight is therefore all parts that are not supported by the springs, this includes the wheels, tyres, brake assemblies, the rear axle assembly, and other associated parts. Reducing unsprung weight is the key to improving handling. The lower the unsprung weight, the less work the shocks and springs have to do to keep the tires in contact with the road over bumpy surfaces. A lot of handling problems, if not all of them is caused by the inertia of all the unspung parts. The larger the weight means higher inertia. Higher inertia means more work is required from shocks and springs to keep tyres on the ground. Further to this, if the un- sprung components have a high mass (higher inertia) you require more “power” to accelerate and more “braking” to decelerate.

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