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4/4 Sport, Plus 4, Roadster (set of 10)  £49.00 
Aero Series 1 (set of 10)                £49.00

Aero Series 2 & 3 (set of 16)            £78.40

Aero Plus 8, Speedster (set of 16)       £78.40​​​

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Silicone Safety Data

All prices exclude VAT, postage & packing

LED Bezels

Data Sheets

One part of the Morgan that Cain always wanted to embellish was the instrument panel. The objective was to produce something that would reflect the history and aesthetics of the Morgan, but to not affect the original Morgan parts. The first phase of this transition was to produce Bezels for the LED lights on the instrument panels.

This is an easy change to make, as they simply push into the existing aperture with a small "dab" of silicone to secure them firmly. To remove any silicone residue, we recommend Baby Wipes, as they really do remove all sub- stances that are sticky!

Black Silicone (for mounting bezels)      £3.70