Plain Solid Disc

4 "pot" callipers, braided brake hoses and full mounting kit no drilling or grinding required.

(Disc's not included)

Grooved Solid Disc

All prices exclude VAT, postage & packing

The new 30% larger Mintex brake pad shown above the original Caparo pad

Plain Solid Discs (Pair)               £129.84
Cross-drilled Solid Discs (Pair)    £183.84
Grooved Solid Discs (Pair)          £183.84

Solid Brake disc's


Cross-drilled Solid Disc

Wolf Performance

4/4 Sport   £725.00

Plus 4        £725.00

For other Morgans please call Cain to discuss

"Big" Brake Upgrade

All prices exclude VAT, postage & packing

"Big" Brake Upgrade kit shown with solid grooved disc


Cain worked with Peter at MulFab turning his attention to the need for better front brakes, without requiring major modifications prior to the installation. The result of this work is illustrated by the size of the new front pads, as seen pictured above the original pad (right). From the increased braking gained, it has allowed Cain to stay with solid discs as this keeps the un- sprung weight to a minimium which is an added benefit for the handling.