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Later, Morgan revised the Mounting design to incorporate a lower Tie-bar back to the chassis to steady the movement of the crosshead and improve the handling of the Mog on bumpy roads and under braking.

This was considered to be sufficient under normal driving but in truth, its not: as it leaves the top of the Crosshead to Flap around in the wind! 

Whether on a bumpy road or braking; the top of the Crosshead moves forwards and aft, depending on the forces; the most critical force is caused when you brake (We all Have to Brake) as this twists the top of the crosshead forward with some force. Especially, as brakes have improved over the years and wheels have got larger Tyres have more grip, so the Handling has gone to pot. 

So why is it critical to fit the brake reaction stays, simply put; whether it be bumps or braking, every movement of the crosshead out of standing alignment changes the steering geometry to the point the very capable Sliding pillar suspension, is no longer effective as the steering geometry changes with the movement of the crosshead. 

So brace the top (as well as the bottom) and it will work for another 100 odd years and defy all other Sports Cars and Road Cars with its quirky 100 year old front end!

So back in the distant days of the early Morgan when the Sliding pillar suspension was adopted the crosshead was simply bolted to the chassis.

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what do the stays do?